Herbal Infused Oils

PlantsWe use herbal enriching methods for some of the oils used in soap by infusing the oils with mixtures of dried herbs before converting them to soap. This process passes to the oils some of the characteristics of the herbs, medicinal plants and flowers, enriching the oils even further with scents and skin beneficial effects. These herbs are grown locally and organically, and are collected at the right time yielding best effects. Some grow wild in the hills of the Galilee and Mount Carmel, others are grown in the garden of our farm.




Our herbal infused oils include:















Sage Leaves













Rose buds






Lemon verbena

 Lemon Verbena leaves







Lemon grass

 Lemon Grass






Citrus blossoms

Citrus Blossoms






Olive Leaves

Olive leaves





Bay leaves

Bay leaves drying