Sweet Almond Oil

Almonds are among the most popular nuts today. Interestingly, there are sweet almonds and bitter almonds. It does not take a genius to realize that sweet almonds are preferred to the bitter ones. Why? These sweet almonds contain approximately 54 percent of oil – oil that can be extremely beneficial for many reasons, particularly for your skin.

Sweet almond oil is commonly used in many skin care products today. Why has it become so popular? It is a natural skin healer and it works wonderfully at restoring the life and luster back to your skin.

When you wash your hands with soaps containing sweet almond oil, you will notice a difference between regular soaps. Typically soaps are very drying to the skin, however almond oil is an amazing natural moisturizer that eliminates this downside that much other soaps possess. In addition, this type of moisturizer is great for all skin types. Although it may be a type of oil, it is extremely gentle on the skin.

Besides being a moisturizer, almond oil can calm all types of skin – even the most irritable. Using soap with this oil will not only restore the beauty and moisture to your skin, but also aid in combating problems with itching and inflammation. Furthermore, it will also act as a great lubricant for your skin.

Today, sweet almond oil is one of the most popular oils used for aromatherapy. The texture of the oil is great for the skin. It is unique as well because it was extracted from the seed of an almond. In addition, the smell is light and sweet – hence the name “sweet”. Yet, when used in cosmetics and skincare products it is often odorless. Many people that are sensitive to smells prefer this.