Neem Oil

Neem leavesNeem Oil is usually extracted by pressing the seeds of the Need tree. It has been used as insect repellents, medicine, and it is also a common ingredient in skin care products. It sounds like a threatening chemical but Neem Oil is used in such a variety of ways because of its lack of toxicity to humans and its gentle healing benefits.

As an insecticide, Neem Oil is gentle and safer to humans than usual insecticides. Both scabies and lice can be combated with it and it will leave the hair with a healthy sheen so it is safe to use on children. Acne can also be treated with this oil because it helps stop bacterial infections without allowing the bacteria to build up a resistance, making it more difficult to treat the infection later, which is much better than using antibiotics or unnatural acne treatments that severely dry out the skin. Neem Oil also moisturizes dry skin and soothes irritated skin and can even help strengthen brittle nails.

The Indian people used Neem Oil extensively and the western world is only recently catching on to the uses of this oil as a multiple purpose ingredient with no toxicity or side effects. It is an excellent moisturizer, insect repellent, and bacteria fighter which is said to boost the immune system among other health benefits. It can be used in tea or applied topically. The best use for Neem Oil is to spread it topically all over the body to help prevent acne and keep skin moist especially in the winter months. Those with eczema will benefit considerably to Neem Oil's moisturizing qualities and should use it as often as possible for the desired effects. It can also be applied to the hair to prevent breakage and develop a sheen.