Moringa Oil

Moringa Oleifera Oil is so stable it can be stored up to five years and so nutritious that it has been consumed for thousands of years by those looking to enhance their health. Now, this pure oil is a highly sought after ingredient for products that treat conditions of the skin. The Moringa tree is said to be a “miracle tree” because various parts have been used all over the world for their healing qualities. From providing therapy to sun and wind ravaged skin in the deserts to becoming a base for early perfumes in Roman times, people have been enjoying the benefits of this oil for ages. The oil specifically comes from the tree’s pressed seeds which yield up to 40% oil.


With the ability to smooth skin, relieve puffiness, and moisturize, this precious oil is incorporated into many beauty products. Its smooth quality and ability to spread onto the skin easily make it an ideal ingredient in natural soap. Feel the effects of the oil’s beneficial fatty acids as well as vitamins A and C as you cleanse your skin and leave it feeling silky and clean.


Because of its high quality, Moringa Oleifera Oil can be used as the main ingredient in natural soaps without losing its effectiveness. It is popular for its ability to cleanse as well as nourish and heal dry, damaged skin. The oil has also been found to contain a strong antioxidant which explains why it has such a remarkable shelf life.


Take pleasure in the smooth texture of natural soaps that contain this nutrient-rich oil. A truly luxurious ingredient, Moringa Oleifera Oil will sooth your skin while its vitamins and beneficial fatty acids work to keep it soft and healthy. Experience the wonderful effects that a pure, high quality oil direct from a natural source will have on your body.