Castor Oil

Castor SeedsCastor Oil is extracted from the bean, but more accurately, the seed, of the Castor plant. This plant grows in warm climates in South America and Asia and if leafy with red and green seeds. An extract from the beans because much of the seed contains a poisonous chemical called ricinolein.

The extract from the Castor seed is used in industrial settings as an engine lubricant, it is used for home remedies, and pharmaceutical companies even coat pills with it. It is used in perfumes, make-up, waxes, paints, and nail polish to name a few. Castor oil is an old remedy for intestinal problems and constipation and it stops congestion and a runny nose. Because it is an antispasmotic, it has been used as a natural and safe home remedy for pain.

The ricinoleic acid in Castor oil can stop viruses and bacteria that grow on the skin so Castor oil is useful as a way to treat infections, inflammation, and irritation to the skin. It can cure dry skin if rubbed on topically to the skin and can remove callouses and rough patches. Castor Oil is a key part in any beauty regimen to keep skin from developing roughness and keeping it baby soft. It usually comes in topical creams, but Castor Oil works well if applied onto skin before bathing every few nights as well as before bed because it keeps the skin conditioned, soft, and young.

Castor Oil is important in most skin care products not only because of its own benefits but because it enhances the benefits of many other skin care oils. It can help skin absorb vitamins and improves circulation to help bring out the health qualities of every product within a lotion or soap.